This exhibition boasts a wealth of faithful life-size replicas (of dinosaurs and other extinct animals) which reveal great care to details and the high quality of materials employed. Ranging from the great Stegosaurus  to the small Velociraptor the exhibition may be placed both outdoors, in spaces exposed to bad weather, and indoors. All models have enjoyed enormous care in relation to their anatomy: skin, particulars of limbs, head and eyes have great scientific and visual impact. The quantity of models on lease may be tailored to each client on the basis of space available. It is also possible to lease the replica of a ten-metre-high dinosaur. This collection has been among the first itinerant dinosaur shows in Italy, and has always enjoyed high interest and approval by the public across many Italian regions. It is particularly suitable for exhibitions within shopping centres or in their surroundings. It is recommended that it be placed side by side with a space for videos showing the evolution and behavior of dinosaurs, thus increasing the exhibition’s educational and scientific value.