This exhibition and important collection is the result of a project, started 30 years ago, for the conservation and promotion of marine resources. It has been hosted in over 200 locations in Italy and abroad, and in the course of the years has continued to grow thanks to the addition of new items and thanks to new scientific findings on the species represented. The most striking section is made up of dozens of life-size replicas of sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and deep-sea fish, some extinct, some still existing. This exhibition has been regarded of high scientific value and extremely interactive to diverse audiences, such as school students, families and tourists. Many are the rarities which attract visitors, and numerous the finds of zoological and anatomical nature; additional material is also included. Posters written in multiple languages provide easy descriptions. Each client can select the desired pieces on the basis of space available. Some of the finds may be touched by visitors, thus creating an interactive experience, others, such as the ones of greater dimensions, may be secured to the ceiling through steel cables and provide a suggestive bottom-up view. Other pieces are equipped with an anchor device which fits walls and permits to regulate height.